Sílvia Pérez Cruz y Cástor Pérez – Veinte años


8 thoughts on “Sílvia Pérez Cruz y Cástor Pérez – Veinte años

  1. Qué te importa que te ame
    si tú no me quieres ya
    El amor que ya ha pasado
    no se debe recordar.

    Fui la ilusión de tu vida
    un día lejano ya,
    hoy represento el pasado
    no me puedo conformar.

    Si las cosas que uno quiere
    se pudieran alcanzar
    tú me quisieras lo mismo
    que veinte años atrás.

    Con qué tristeza miramos
    un amor que se nos va
    es un pedazo del alma
    que se arranca sin piedad.

    (Guillermina Aramburu – María Teresa Vera)

    1. Bill, just in case you are interested my free translation will be:
      What do you care if I love you
      if you don’t love me anymore
      The love that has gone away
      must not be remember.

      I was the dream of your life
      in a remote day,
      Today I represent the past
      I can’t resign myself.

      If the things that we want to
      could be achievable
      you would still love me
      as twenty years ago.

      With sadness we look
      the love that is leaving us
      It’s a piece of the soul
      torn out mercilessly.

  2. oh my goodnes, i have spent hours and hours on you tube watching videos of this amazing family singing and giving interviews i cannot understand a word but all the same love them.Thank you very much for this little snippet of english about them i can understand. I have only just found out that castor actually died in 2010 and was really really sad about that, but silvia sings on brilliantly and i love her cds.

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