Review: In a Word: Murder – An Anthology

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Margot Kinberg editor, 2013. Kindle version. 3510 KB. 141 pages. ASIN: B00GFXNZYE.

Ina Word Murder Cover

In A Word: Murder is an anthology of very attractive crime stories. They are all nicely written and with excellent taste. They have been collected by Margot Kinberg in tribute to the memory of Maxine Clarke. Proceeds from the sales will go in aid of Princess Alice Hospice.

It was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Pamela Griffiths, Paula K. Randall, Jane Risdon, Elizabeth S. Craig, Sarah Ward, Margot Kinberg, and Martin Edwards. The cover was designed by Lesley Fletcher. Margot Kindberg writes in the Introduction that ‘all the stories focus on crime in the writing, reviewing, editing, publishing and blogging world.’

In The Agency, by Pamela Griffiths, a run-of-the-mill investigation becomes something much more sinister. Paula K Randall shows in The Story how a writer mixes up fiction and reality. In The Million Seller, Margot Kinberg tells us what happened between an up-and coming writer and his agent when they had dinner at a restaurant. In Hollywood Cover-up, by Jane Risdon, a burglar deletes from a computer some original files after downloading their content into a pen-drive. And Elizabeth S. Craig in A Beach Report from Myrtle Clover relates what happened to Myrtle Clover at a seaside resort while on vacation. Sarah Ward’s story, La Lotte, revolves around a well-known restaurant in Caen where Simone de Beauvoir dined once. And Margot Kinberg introduces a new case featuring her regular sleuth Joel Williams in The In-Box. The action, in Martin Edwards’ The Killing of Captain Hastings, takes place at Whitby Fiction festival. And Jane Risdon’s story Dreamer, takes us to the world of music when a young music group is getting ready to sign their first contract.

The stories are varied and, for my taste, highly entertaining. I would like to encourage all crime fiction fans to buy this book. It is a worthwhile read and their gesture will help support a good cause.

As far as I know, it’s only available in electronic form, at this moment.

My rating: B (I really like it)

In A Word: Murder (Anthology) with Jane Risdon 

In A Word Murder (Anthology) with Pamela Griffiths

Chat with Margot Kinberg

En una palabra: Asesinato – Una Antología

En una palabra: Asesinato es una antología de cuentos policiales muy atractivos. Todas las historias están muy bien escritas y con un gusto excelente. Han sido recopiladas por Margot Kinberg en homenaje a la memoria de Maxine Clarke. Los ingresos por las ventas van a ir destinados a ayudar al Princess Alice Hospice.

Su elaboración ha sido posible gracias a la generosa contribución de Pamela Griffiths, Paula K. Randall, Jane Risdon, Elizabeth S. Craig, Sarah Ward, Margot Kinberg y Martin Edwards. La portada ha sido diseñada por Lesley Fletcher. Margot Kindberg nos dice en la introducción que ‘todas las historias giran en torno a delitos cometidos en el mundo de la escritura, en el mundo editorial y de la publicación, en el mundo de las reseñas y de los blogs.’

En The Agency, de Pamela Griffiths, una investigación común y corriente se convierte en algo mucho más siniestro. Paula K. Randall nos enseña en The Story cómo un escritor confunde la ficción con la realidad. En The Million Seller, Margot Kinberg nos cuenta lo que pasó entre un joven y prometedor escritor y su agente cuando acabaron de cenar en un restaurante. En Hollywood Cover-up, de Jane Risdon, un ladrón borra los archivos de un ordenador después de descargar su contenido en un pen-drive. Y Elizabeth S. Craig en A Beach Report from Myrtle Clover relata lo que le pasó a Myrtle Clover en un balneario cuando se encontraba de vacaciones. La historia de Sarah Ward, La Lotte, gira en torno a un conocido restaurante en Caen en donde Simone de Beauvoir cenó en una ocasión. Y Margot Kinberg nos ofrece un nuevo caso protagonizado por su detective habitual, Joel Williams en The In-Box. La acción en The Killing of Captain Hastings de Martin Edwards, tiene lugar en el Whitby Festival Fiction. Y el relato de Jane Risdon, Dreamer, nos traslada al mundo de la música, cuando un joven grupo musical se prepara para firmar su primer contrato. 

Las historias son variadas y, para mi gusto, muy entretenidas. Me gustaría animar a todos los aficionados al género a comprar este libro. Es una lectura muy recomendable y su gesto ayudará a apoyar una buena causa.

Por lo que sé, sólo está disponible en formato electrónico, en este momento.

Mi valoración: B (Me ha gustado mucho)

8 thoughts on “Review: In a Word: Murder – An Anthology”

  1. José Ignacio – Thank you very much for the kind words and for the kind review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories. 🙂

  2. I am sorry to say I have only just seen your review, so my apologies for being so remiss in thanking you for reviewing our book and also for giving it such a wonderful review. I am so pleased you enjoyed all the stories and for liking mine also (Dreamer/Hollywood Cover-up), It is so satisfying to read what people think, and of course, it helps raise funds for a much deserving charity too. Many thanks. Jane.

    1. Sorry? Why? No need to apologise, Jane. I very much appreciate your comment. I’m the one who is grateful, Jane. Thank you very much

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