From the Rap Sheet

I read today at The Rap Sheet that Quote Chilean writer Isabelle Allende is receiving more than a bit of grief for dissing crime fiction (“I’m not a fan of mysteries,” she told National Public Radio last week) at the same time as she’s promoting a new San Francisco-set crime novel of her own, Ripper (Harper). Read Erin Mitchell’s response to her remarks here, and Mystery Scene contributor Oline Cogdill’s here. Unquote.

7 thoughts on “From the Rap Sheet”

  1. Thanks for pointing these out Jose Ignacio – having said last week that I was interested in the book, I think this has put me off. But, like you, I did like House of Spirits all those years ago….

  2. Si es que no se puede ir de diva por la vida… No puedes menospreciar a los lectores de un género y que encima te lean!

    1. You’re welcome Rhian, I’ve just read your comment on our FF page. I see your point but still it seems quite strange to me her stance when promoting her book.

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