May I introduce you to

2011-09-21 Sebastián Álvaro Lomba, for 27 years he directed the TV programme Al filo de lo imposible broadcasted by “Televisión Española”. He also directed two TV series, De cero a ocho mil and La tierra que heredamos. He is a columnist of the sports daily AS and has a section of adventure and high risk sports in the radio programme El larguero de la cadena Ser hosted by José Ramón de la Morena. His documentaries have won major awards: two medals in the International Festival of New York, major awards in several festivals as  Calcuta, Banff or Torelló, the golden and silver medals at Hamburg Festival, two Ondas Prizes and nine Spanish Television Academy Awards. In 2006 he was awarded with the National Sports Prize of Spain. (my free translation from Wikipedia).

The picture was taken on 21 September 2011 by my good friend JEMdZ.

Sebastián Álvaro has published several adventure books, some are out-of-print, but the following are available, to my knowledge:

Sebastián Álvaro blogs at Una vida al filo (in Spanish)

5 thoughts on “May I introduce you to”

  1. José Ignacio – Thank you for the introduction, and that’s a great ‘photo. I admire the skill that it takes to create quality television and documentary films, and I wish I knew more about sport than I do. It’s a pleasure to meet an expert in both areas.

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