Investigators and journalists like those of the past

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The publisher’s description:

After a long convalescence from the wounds suffered in a tough body-to-body fight, the commissioner Ruiz is back. She returns on the same day that a man is found dead in the hedges of the Retiro park. It is fall in a strange Madrid where the protests of the “occupy” movement mix with the news of the suicides in a multinational company. The corpse found in the park appears to fit in with this serious labor issue but still something remains unclear. Quicker than she should, the young investigator sees herself drawn into a battle between what her instinct dictates and her health. She and the veteran journalist Luna get trapped in a battle typical of an era of greed and inequality.

Paco Camarasa praises Berna González Harbour’s second novel, Margen de error [Margin of error].  Her first novel, Verano en rojo [Summer in red] focussed on…

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3 thoughts on “Investigators and journalists like those of the past

    1. Will be released today, I think. It’s her second crime fiction book and I do not have many references yet. Am keeping an eye on it so far. The suicides of employees in a MNC remains me of The Good Suicides.

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