February 2014 Round Up

Crime Fiction Books Read in February 2014

  • The Strangler’s Honeymoon (Mantle, 2013) Translated by Laurie Thompson. Originally published in 2001, by Håkan Nesser (A)
  • El loco de Bergerac (Ediciones Orbis, 1985) Traducido por Carmen Virgili (1968). Título original Le fou de Bergerac (1932), de George Simenon (B)
  • Scarred (Faber & Faber Crime, 2014) Translated by Charlotte Barslund. Originally published in 2013, by Thomas Enger (B)
  • Summertime All The Cats Are Bored (Europa Editions, 2013) Translated by Steven Rendall. Originally published in 2009, by Philippe Georget (B)
  • The Panda Theory (Gallic Books, 2012) Translated by Svein Clouston. Originally published in 2008, by Pascal Garnier (A)
  • Strange Loyalties (Canongate, 2013). Originally published in 1996, by William McIlvanney (A+) 

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month February 2014


Books bought in February 2014

  • Scarred (Henning Juul 3) by Thomas Enger
  • Darkhouse by Alex Barclay
  • Back of Beyond by C.J. Box
  • The Panda Theory by Pascal Garnier
  • Graveland by Alan Glynn
  • A Lily of the Field (Inspector Troy series) by John Lawton

Currently Reading

4 thoughts on “February 2014 Round Up”

  1. Good to know the third in the Laidlaw trilogy keeps up the standard, since I still have this one to read. Looking forward to your review.

  2. Perfect choice for your book of the month! And while we`’re on the subject of McIlvanney check out Irene by Pierre Lemaitre for the homage to the godfather of Scottish crime writing!

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