Film review: Ida (2013) directed by Pawel Pawlikowski

Cartel de 'Ida'Ida is a 2013 Polish film directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, with a screenplay written by Pawel Pawlikowski and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, and starring Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska, Joanna Kulig, Dawid Ogrodnik, Jerzy Trela, Adam Szyszkowski, Artur Janusiak, Halina Skoczynska, Mariusz Jakus. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival where it won the FIPRESCI Special Presentations award. And it was released in Spain on 28 March, 2014.

The story takes place in Poland, 1962. Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska) is a novice nun about to take her vows in a convent. She was brought up by the nuns when she was abandoned in the convent as a baby. Before taking her vows, she must go and visit her only surviving relative, her aunt Wanda Gruz (Agata Kulesza). Wanda is a court magistrate who was once a high ranking member of the Communist party. Wanda tells her that she is Jewish and her real name is Ida Lebenstein. Both women embark themselves on a journey not only to discover their tragic family story, but who they really are and where they belong, questioning their religions and beliefs.  

Begoña and I went to see the film this Sunday. This is a black and white film with a touching story, powerfully narrated. And with a beautiful and very special aesthetic. Highly recommended.

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