Euro Noir The Pocket Essential Guide to European Crime Fiction, Film and TV by Barry Forshaw Noir by Britain’s leading crime fiction expert Barry Forshaw (author of Nordic Noir) examines the astonishing success of European fiction and drama. This is often edgier, grittier and more compelling than some of its British or American equivalents, and provides a highly readable guide for those wanting to look further than the obvious choices.

The sheer volume of new European writers and films is daunting but Euro Noir presents a roadmap to the territory and is the perfect travel guide to the genre. The book covers influential Italian authors such as Andrea Camilleri and Leonardo Sciascia and Mafia crime dramas Romanzo criminale and Gomorrah, along with the gruesome Gialli crime films. From France and Belgium, important writers from Maigret’s creator Georges Simenon to today’s Fred Vargas, cult television programmes Braquo and Spiral and films, from the classic heist movie Rififi to modern successes such as Hidden, Mesrine and Tell No One. German and Austrian greats are covered including Jakob Arjouni and Jan Costin Wagner, crime films including Run Lola Run and The Lives of Others.

Euro Noir also covers the best crime writing and filmmaking from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Holland and other European countries and celebrates the wide scope of European crime fiction, films and TV.

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2 thoughts on “Euro Noir The Pocket Essential Guide to European Crime Fiction, Film and TV by Barry Forshaw”

  1. I did not know this book was coming so thanks for letting us know about it. I have other books by Barry Forshaw, so I know I will enjoy it. I checked and the book won’t be available until October here in the US, but that just gives me something to look forward to.

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