New to me authors January – April 2014

I read nine books by new to me authors during the last quarter. My best discovery was The City of Shadows by Michael Russell by a whisker over Visitation Street by Ivy Pochoda.  And I was also glad for having read and/or discovered some writers of the calibre of Pascal Garnier, Ed McBain and Friedrich Dürrenmatt. 

  • The End of the Wasp Season (Orion, 2012) by Denise Mina (B)
  • Visitation Street by Ivy Pochoda (A+)
  • The Disappeared Translated by Marlaine Delargy (2013). First published in Sweden under the title Änglavakter (2011) by Kristina Ohlsson (B)
  • El loco de Bergerac (Ediciones Orbis, 1985) Traducido por Carmen Virgili (1968). Título original Le fou de Bergerac (1932), de George Simenon (B)
  • Summertime All The Cats Are Bored Translated from the French by Steven Rendall. Original title: L’été tous les chats s’ennuient (2009) by Philippe Georget (B)
  • The Panda Theory Translated by Svein Clouston. Original title: La Théorie du panda (2008) by Pascal Garnier (A)
  • Sadie When She Died First published in 1972, by Ed McBain (A)
  • The Inspector Barlach Mysteries (The Judge and His Hangman + Suspicion) Translated by Joel Agee. Original titles, Der Richter und sein Henker and Der Verdacht by Friedrich Dürrenmatt (A) & (C)
  • The City of Shadows (Avon, 2012) Kindle Edition, by Michael Russell (A+)

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