The Revenge Trilogy by Mike Nicol

Thanks to Peter Rozovsky at his excellent blog Detectives Beyond Borders I’ve come across a new-to-me author, Mike Nicol. See his post Black Heart, or Why you should spend your pennies on a book by Mike Nicol.

Mike Nicol is a journalist and writer, and teacher of online writing courses on creative writing and non-fiction narrative. He lives in Cape Town. He has had writer-in-residence positions at UCT and the University of Essen, Germany, and in Berlin under the German Academic Exchange Service’s Artists-in-Berlin grant.

His Revenge Trilogy (Payback (Umuzi, Cape Town, 2008); Killer Country (Umuzi, Cape Town, 2010); Black Heart (Umuzi, Cape Town, 2011) featuring Mace and Pylon is published by Umuzi in South Africa and Old Street in the UK. (Books Live)

Payback has been reviewed by Col at Col’s Criminal Library 

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “The Revenge Trilogy by Mike Nicol”

  1. Jose thanks for adding. He has a couple of standalones that may also be of interest. Of Cops and Robbers (2014) and a collaborative effort from 2006 – Out to Score with Joanne Hichens.

      1. Jose, I haven’t read too much SA crime fiction overall – my one Nicol, the odd couple from Roger Smith – who you are familiar with and maybe 3 or 4 Deon Meyer’s, someone I know you also enjoy. I did read one of James McClure – Kramer and Zhondi books, years ago which was interesting as it was set in the days of apartheid, whereas all my modern SA crime fiction reading has been set post-apartheid. (Did you post that you were reading The Song Dog?)
        There is someone else on my radar – Paul Mendelson – The First Rule of Survival – I believe it is set in SA, but he is a UK author. ( I don’t have this book)
        I have plenty of Smith’s, Nicol’s, Meyer’s and McClure’s on the pile – I may need to set aside a future month just for SA!
        i would struggle to choose an absolute favourite between Smith and Nicol – based on only 1 book, but I have them slightly above Meyer, which is only my opinion.

      2. Thank you Col, I’m currently reading The Song Dog Although it was tha last Kramer and Zondi Mystery published, it’s a prequel as you probably know.
        For me it’s hard to choose one favourite. I love Meyer’s books and have still to read from my TBR pile Dust Devils probably one of Smith’s best I’ve been told.

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