A Visit to Madrid Book Fair

DSCN5033 Yesterday evening I had the chance to visit Madrid Book Fair with an excellent companionship, Margot Kinberg who was in Madrid for a few days.

Margot is a long time friend from the cyberspace and she has an outstanding crime fiction blog. If you don’t know yet her blog, I suggest not to wait any longer and pay a visit Confessions of a Mystery Novelist …

The following books caught my attention:

En la orilla (trans.: On the Shore) by Rafael Chirbes (Anagrama, 2013). The blurb reads: ‘The story opens with the discovery of a body in the Olba marshes. Esteban, the protagonist, is forced to close the carpentry workshop he owns, leaving his employees jobless. While he cares for his father, who has entered the terminal stage of his illness, Esteban investigates the reasons behind this wreckage, for which he assumes responsibility in his double role of victim and persecutor. It is among these remains that we find the values which have governed a society, a world and an age. Welfare and its indivisible opposite, greed and fake pretences, turned into materials of demolition. The mirror into which Esteban stares, a man without attributes in his own way, reflects back to him an image made of broken dreams and lost hopes. Nothing has freed itself from voracity. Love, family, friendship and social codes have also formed part of the menu in this feast for only a few.’ (Read more here).

El último verano en la isla (Cuarteto de Öland, 4) (Johan Theorin)El último verano en la isla (The Öland Quartet # 4) by Johan Theorin (Literatura Random House, 2014). Original title: Rörgast, 2013. Translated by Carlos del Valle Hernández. The blurb reads: ‘Summer presents itself calm and peaceful on the Swedish island of Öland. However, the landscape and the traditions have changed: for years it was familiar and unpretentious, where many spent their summers at the camp run by the good John, but now it seems that tourists prefer the luxury spa of the Kloss family. The old and beloved Gerlof spends the summer there, taking care of his grandchildren, when there a number of terrible incidents are produced that will force him, once again, to take drastic measures.The last summer on the island is the final of a series of novels set in this fascinating Swedish island; after the autumn , winter and spring arrives the summer, thus closing the Öland Quartet.’ (Read more here)

Juego de espejos

Juego de espejos, by Andrea Camilleri. Salamandra, 2014), Original title: Il gioco degli specchi, 2011.Translated by Teresa Clavel Lledó. The blurb reads: ‘The explosion of a small device in front of an empty warehouse in the center of Vigàta, and the subsequent investigation initiated by Inspector Montalbano and his team, precipitate a series of events that occur at a rapid and chaotic pace: contradictory clues, anonymous letters, mysterious accusations … Montalbano has the feeling that someone pretends to guide his steps, to confuse him and to guide him like a puppet, away from the material truth. Moreover, when comes into play Liliana, his new neighbour, a woman of great character whose husband is often away on business, Salvo will find himself immersed in much confusion, making his job difficult, beyond what is tolerable.’ (Read more here)

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