Forgotten Book: Wind And Blood by M. A. West

Wind And Blood, de M. A. WestM. A. West (M. A. stands for Martin Aloysius) was an American author, of whom little is known. Born in Cincinnati in 1923, he wrote pulp fiction and began publishing in 1951. His last work is dated in 1980. He was said to “had the coldness of McCoy, the cruelty of Thompson, MacDonald’s intelligence and the pessimism of Cain“. Navona Editorial has recently published, for the Spanish audience, Wind and Blood under the title El viento y la sangre, translated by Thalía Rodríguez and Alexis Ravelo.

The synopsis on Amazon says: When Danny Morton travels from Chicago to tiny Marksville, South Dakota, looking for a second chance with his former flame Lorna Moore, all he has on him are a revolver, a bottle of bourbon, and a suitcase filled with $20,000. The money, as it turns out, is the ransom for the kidnapped daughter of Nigel Donaldson, a Chicago businessman and front man for Conrad Bonazzo. Bonazzo has put Rudy Bambridge, his fixer, on the case, but Bambridge—cleverer than he is intelligent and colder than he is rash—will have to confront a much more tangled plot than it first seems. This exhilarating novel—a classic example of hardboiled fiction—is filled with uncompromising characters, unexpected twists, and unflinching realism.

You can find out more here in Spanish.

I wonder if any reader of this entry has some additional information.

I was able to get most of this information thanks to Margot Kinberg and I appreciate that very much.

3 thoughts on “Forgotten Book: Wind And Blood by M. A. West”

  1. Thank you, José Ignacio, for the kind mention. I am curious too to see if anyone knows more about West or about this series.

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