The Game’s Afoot Needs You

The Game’s Afoot Needs You.

As most readers know Rich Westwood at Past Offences hosts a nice meme. Every month, a year is chosen and all we have to do is review a crime novel/story/film first published in that year. This month the year is 1939.

Here, at The Game’s Afoot, your humble blog keeper has selected two books:

  • No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase
  • The Mask of Dimitrios by Eric Ambler

But I find it hard to make a decision. Would you mind help me?

26 thoughts on “The Game’s Afoot Needs You”

  1. Well done Jose Ignacio, you’re ahead of the game. My vote would go to the Mask of Dimitrios – I think Ambler a much more nuanced writer. But now I’m wondering whether that’s a female reaction – perhaps your other blog readers will comment on that idea as well…

    1. It wasn’t my intention, John. Now I realise it can be seen as a joke. I really thought Ambler is too well known and maybe it was a good idea to offer an alternative. Thanks for participating. .

      1. I read a couple of Chase’s novels many years ago, and found them to be pretty dreadful; on the other hand, a surprising number of them have been filmed. I was able to track down the move of No Orchids a while ago; it was mega-notorious in the UK on its release there, but now it just seems ramshackle and in places risible.

  2. I’m with Rich – I’ve read neither, but have heard the name of No Orchids so often I’d enjoy hearing your opinion of it… 🙂

  3. My answer is similar to Rich’s; I haven’t read No Orchids, so I would pick that one. However, I read The Mask of Dimitrios and was in the minority that did not like it that much. I have recently watched the movie and I plan to try it again; maybe it was my expectations at the time.

    1. I have recently watched the movie
      The movie’s ace: a low-budget triumph. Lorre, Greenstreet, what’s not to like?
      I’ve not read the novel, though. I suppose I ought to get to it . . .

  4. Jose Ignacio: I have read neither book. I guess Ambler as I have had the book sitting for years to read. If you like it maybe I will be prompted to take it down. Ooh. I hope that is not too selfish.

  5. I look forward to a review of either or both of them, Jose Ignacio. I came across both titles as I was looking for a crime novel from 1939 too, but I think I ended up ordering/requesting a couple different titles. I’m not sure where I left my little list of books, so I’ll be surprised when they arrive next week. Happy reading.

  6. I’m late as I was on vacation but I would have said why not read both? Looking forward to your reviews of whichever one you chose. I did start the Ambler but never finished it. Will retry at a later date. Take care.

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