The Pekinese Strategy by Alexis Ravelo (Synopsis)

Alrevés, 2013. 313 pages. ISBN: 978-84-15098-81-2

La estrategia del pequinésSynopsis:

It’s ages since El Rubio decided not to get involved in any crime, but his wife is critically ill and he is giving it a second thought when Junior, a local drug dealer, propose him to attack his front man in Gran Canaria.

In order to organize the assault, he will have to seduce El Palmera, a lame friend whose main interest is to open a bar, and Cora, a luxury escort who knows the end of her beauty is quite close.

The Pekinese Strategy is acting proud, taking advantage of any distraction of your enemy to attack and run away. This is what the antiheroes of this novel will do when they see they have stepped on a tiger’s tail and they ended up submerged in a bloody persecution.

A high voltage crime fiction, a harsh choral about losers. (The Ella Sher Literary Agency)

The Pekinese Strategy by Alexis Ravelo has won the Hammett Prize to the best crime novel in Spanish published in 2013.

I bought today La estrategia del pequinés. Stay tuned.

Alexis Ravelo Premio Hammett 2014 por su novela La estrategia del Pekinés (Alrevés)

La estrategia del pequinésAlexis Ravelo ha ganado el Premio Hammett a la mejor novela negra publicada en 2013 por La estrategia del Pekinés (Alrevés). El escritor canario (Las Palmas, 1971) ya ganó el Getafe negro en 2013 por La última tumba. El jurado del premio ha querido destacar  “el alto nivel de las novelas negras publicadas en 2013 y subraya Don de Lenguas, de Rosa Ribas y Sabine Hoffman”. El autor ha querido acordarse del editor del libro, “de quien hizo que fuera mucho mejor libro”, Josep Forment, que murió el pasado miércoles. (Source: El Pais).

Mi enhorabuena para Alexis Ravelo.

Alexis Ravelo has won the Hammett Prize to the best crime novel in Spanish published in 2013 for his novel La estrategia del Pekinés (The Strategy of the Pekingese). The writer, a natural from the Canary Islands (Las Palmas, 1971), already won the Getafe Negro Award in 2013 for his novel La última tumba (The Last Tomb). The jury wanted to highlight “the high level of crime novels published in 2013 and stressed in particular Don de Lenguas (Gift of Tongues) by Rosa Ribas and Sabine Hoffman”. The author had wanted to remember the editor of the book, “who made ​​this book much better,” Josep Forment, who died last Wednesday. (My free translation, source El Pais),

Congratulations to Alexis Ravelo.


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