An Enigma Unveiled

El año en que quise ser B. Traven o cómo nació M. A. West by Alexis Ravelo

I did exchanged some emails with Margot Kinberg but we were unable to find out more about M. A. West. Now the enigma has been unveiled. And I look forward to reading El Viento y La Sangre, in Spanish of course. A hat tip to Alexis Ravelo.

Last June 15th, Margot wrote Quote Thanks for that link. I did a little research, and so far, have not found out much about this author. Apparently though, she wrote several pulp fiction/detective novels, most of them ‘hardboiled.’ But there is little available about her work. In fact, I cannot even find a link to the original English version of El Viento y La Sangre. But I did find a few things. Here is one resource. And here is another. Unquote

More about Alexis Ravelo at The Game’s Afoot:

The Pekinese Strategy by Alexis Ravelo (Synopsis) 

Alexis Ravelo Premio Hammett 2014 por su novela La estrategia del Pekinés (Alrevés) 

Forgotten Book: Wind And Blood by M. A. West

Just in case you have not been able to discover it, M. A. West is not other than Alexis Ravelo himself.

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