OT: El Pardo Mountain (II)

On a previous occasion I’ve shown some pictures of El Monte de El Pardo (The Pardo Mountain) here. Yesterday, with my hiking group, we made another tour around the area. Lovely day, isn’t it?

DSCN6486  DSCN6490





Mount of El Pardo (Monte de El Pardo) is a Mediterranean forest inside the city of Madrid. It is one of the best preserved Mediterranean Forests in Europe. The European Union has designated the Monte de El Pardo as a Special Protection Area for bird-life. This meadow, which has been used as hunting grounds by the royalty given the variety of game animals that have inhabited it since the Middle Ages, is home to 120 flora species and 200 vertebrae species. Rabbits, red partridges, wild cats, stags, deer and wild boars live among ilexes, cork oaks, ash trees, black poplars, oaks, junipers and rockroses. Monte del Pardo is part of the Regional Park of the High Basin of the Manzanares, spreading out from the Guadarrama Mountains range to the centre of Madrid, and protected by strong legal regulations (from Wikipedia).

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