Los amantes de Hiroshima, the last book by Antonio Hill will go on sale soon

https://i2.wp.com/www.elplacerdelalectura.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Los-amantes-de-Hiroshima-Toni-Hill.jpgLos amantes de Hiroshima (English: The Hiroshima lovers), the last instalment in Antonio Hill’s series featuring Inspector Salgado and his team will go on sale soon.

The blurb reads:

May 2011. In an abandoned house near the airport, the police discovers two bodies wrapped in a shroud of flowers. Embraced. Buried alongside a lot of money. It could be a young pair of lovers who disappeared seven years ago. After an unpredictable media spectacle, the case was closed without being solved. Hector Salgado and his team are in charge of the investigation a puzzle with too many clues.

Meanwhile, in the main squares of the country, the ‘Indignados’ (outraged) Movement are determined to unveil at last the true face of power. Hector, closer than ever before to the agent Leire Castro in the search of his former wife, will have to dig further than he ever dreamed, to arrive to the dark origin of Ruth’s disappearance, to get to a truth of tragic and unpredictable consequences. (My free translation).

Further information is Spanish here.


4 thoughts on “Los amantes de Hiroshima, the last book by Antonio Hill will go on sale soon

  1. When will the book The Hiroshima Lovers by Antonio Hill be available in English either UK or US edition?

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