Monthly Summary (November 2014)

Books read during last month:

  • A Gun for Sale (Vintage Digital, 2010) First published in Great Britain in 1936 by Graham Greene (B)
  • A Delicate Truth (Penguin Books, 2014) First published by Viking in 2013 by John le Carré (A)
  • Stumped (280 Steps, 2014) by Rob Kitchin (A)
  • Deadly Weapon (Prologue Books, 2012) First published in 1946 by Wade Miller (C)

Pick of the Month: 

A Delicate Truth by John le Carré, a great read and highly entertaining novel.  

Books Bought Last Month:

  • God Save the Mark by Donald E. Westlake
  • Deadly Weapon by Wade Miller
  • The Front Seat Passenger by Pascal Garnier (trans. by Jane Aitken)
  • The Dying Place by Luca Veste
  • Entry Island by Peter May
  • An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P. D. James
  • Borderline by Liza Marklund (trans. by Neil Smith)
  • Currently Reading

    • The Hunting Dogs by Jørn Lier Horst

  • 6 thoughts on “Monthly Summary (November 2014)”

    1. José Ignacio – You’ve got some excellent reading ahead of you! I’ll be especially keen to know what you think of the Garnier, the Vesta and the May.

    2. You’ve been lucky enough to read a great selection of books this month! I’m aching to have more personal reading time so I can grapple with the Miller and the Kitchin, in particular; I might even reread the Greene.

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