OT: Basa 2013 – D.O. Rueda


  • Winery: Compañía de Vinos de Telmo Rodríguez, S.L. El Monte s/n 01308 Lanciego (Álava) Spain
  • Phone: +34 945 628 315
  • Winemaker: Telmo Rodríguez y Pablo Eguzkiza
  • Website: www.telmorodriguez.com/index.php/en
  • Brand: Basa 2013
  • DO: Rueda  
  • Type: Young white wine. 13,0%
  • Grapes Variety: 85% Verdejo, 3% Sauvignon Blanc and 12% Viura
  • Vineyards: Different areas from the D.O. Rueda 
  • Soil: Loose soil, gravel and limestone
  • Bottle Size: 75.0 cl.
  • Price: around 6.49 €
  • My wine rating: 9.0/10

Rueda is the second area Telmo and Pablo went to explore, and it was here that the Basa project was born. Back then, they exported all of their wines. But with the creation of other wines such as Aran, Molino Real and Lanzaga, the need for a single umbrella brand arose. The company at this stage belonged entirely to Pablo Eguzkiza and Telmo Rodriguez, who decided to call it “Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez”, (the Telmo Rodriguez Wine Company) to take advantage of Telmo’s position in the wine world, as well as his pioneering work with Spanish viticulture.

2 thoughts on “OT: Basa 2013 – D.O. Rueda”

    1. Bill, according to the Wine Institute Spain vineyard acreage in 2012 was 2.239.208 and ranked number one in the world. But wine production was only 3,150,000 (liters 000), and ranked third in the world after Italy and France. But those figures doesn’t speak about the variety and quality of Spanish wines.

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