Mistralia, the New Novel by Eugenio Fuentes

https://i1.wp.com/www.tusquetseditores.com/fotos/portadas/mistralia_big.JPGMistralia by Eugenio Fuentes (ed. Tusquets, 2015) is the latest book in the series featuring detective Ricardo Cupido. Eugenio Fuentes was born in Montehermoso (Cáceres, Spain) in 1958. His novels have been awarded with the prizes Extremadura a la Creación and IX Alba/Prensa Canaria (this latter prize for El interior del bosque). He is the author of a collection of short stories, Vías muertas (Dead Tracks, 1997), and of a book of literary essays, La mitad de Occidente (Half of the West, 2003). Fuentes, however, finds himself among the Spanish crime fiction writers with international projection thanks to his private investigator, Ricado Cupido, the main character in his series of novels: La sangre de los ángeles (The Blood of the Angels, 2001), Las manos del pianista (The Pianist’s Hands), Cuerpo a Cuerpo (At Close Quarters– Brigada 21 Prize to the best crime fiction novel written in Spanish in 2008), El interior del bosque (The Depths of the Forest), and Contrarreloj . Tusquets Editores has also published Venas de nieve (Veins of Snow), a brilliantly narrated story about the fight against fatality. (Source: Tusquets)

See also Tusquets Editores page in Spanish.

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