Crime Fiction Pick of the Month January 2015

Last January was the month I’ve read the lesser amount of crime novels since I started this blog. To be honest I’ve only read two books, although I have a third one almost completed.

Without further ado, the books I’ve read were:

Long Way Home (Vintage Digital, 2014). Format: Kindle Edition by Eva Dolan (A+)

The Man Who Bought London (Delphi Classics, 2014). Format: Kindle Edition. First published in 1915 by Edgar Wallace (C)

This month my pick is Eva Dolan’s Long Way Home.18586489 An easy choice may be, but make no mistake, Long Way Home will surely find its place among the best books of the year.

4 thoughts on “Crime Fiction Pick of the Month January 2015”

  1. At least when you haven’t read many books it’s easier to pick your favourite 🙂 I have already added that title to my wishlist thanks to your review.

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