The 68th British Academy Film Awards

The winners of the EE British Academy Film Awards have been announced at the ceremony hosted by Stephen Fry at the Royal Opera House, London, on Sunday 8 February 2015.

  • Boyhood wins Best Film, Director and Supporting Actress
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel wins five BAFTAs
  • Three BAFTAs for The Theory of Everything: Outstanding British Film, Adapted Screenplay and Leading Actor for Eddie Redmayne
  • Julianne Moore wins Leading Actress
  • Three wins for Whiplash: Supporting Actor, Editing and Sound
  • Pawel Pawlikowski picked up the award for Film Not in the English Language for Ida.


2 thoughts on “The 68th British Academy Film Awards”

  1. Can’t say I’m much stirred by these — the BAFT usually shows a bit more imagination. No Mr Turner anywhere? Grr!

    1. I can’t comment since have only seen a few of the films, mainly The Grand Hotel Budapest, Birdman, which I believe is too overrated, and The Imitation Game.

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