February Reads

My February readings have been quite varied. My read of the month goes to a wonderful novella in the purest ‘noir’ by the sadly prematurely disappeared Pascal Garnier, The Islanders. https://i1.wp.com/gallicbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/9781908313720.jpg

  • Beast in View (Orion Books, 2011) First published in the USA in 1955 by Margaret Millar (A)
  • Borderline (Transworld Digital, 2014) Translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith. First published in Sweden as Du gamla, du fria by Piratförlarget in 2011 by Liza Marklund (A)
  • The Beckoning Lady (Vintage 2007) First published in Great Britain in 1955 by Chatoo & Windus by Margery Allingham (A)
  • The Islanders (Gallic Books, 2014) Translated from the French by Emily Boyce. First published in France as Les Insulaires by Éditions Zulma in 2010, by Pascal Ganier (A+)

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