The Liza Marklund Reader’s Companion A Collection of Excerpts By Liza Marklund

Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2013. Kindle Format (2129 KB)  ASIN: B00A6CTB7K. ISBN-13: 9781476730875. Free download Ebook 320 pages. title says it all. It is a collection of excerpts that can be downloaded free. Specifically the excerpts relate to Den Röda Vargen (2003; English translation Red Wolf, trans. Neil Smith, 2010); Nobels testamente (2006; English translation Last Will, trans. Neil Smith, 2012); and Livstid (2007; English translation Lifetime, trans. Neil Smith, 2013). It can provide a nice introduction to the books of Liza Marklund to those who do not know them.

Red Wolf
Reporter Annika Bengtzon is working on the story of a devastating crime when she hears that a journalist investigating the same incident has been killed. It appears to be a hit-and-run accident. Several brutal killings follow — all linked by handwritten letters sent to the victims’ relatives. When Annika unravels a connection with the story she’s writing, she is thrown on to the trail of a deadly psychopath. Caught in a frenzied spiral of secrets and violence, Annika finds herself and her marriage at breaking point. Will her refusal to stop pursuing the truth eventually destroy her? (Source:

Last Will
For the first time in her career, reporter Annika Bengtzon is covering the glamorous Nobel Prize Dinner, traditionally held in Stockholm’s City Hall. The world’s notabilities are enjoying themselves on the dance floor when suddenly gunshots break through the din of conversation and music. In the ensuing panic, the presumed assassin wrestles Annika to the ground. Soon, she is caught in the middle of an intricate drama with links to Alfred Nobel — not only as a reporter but also as a key witness. (Source:

A police officer is callously shot and killed in his bedroom in front of his traumatized wife, Julia. When police arrives on the scene, Julia rambles on about a woman entering the house, killing David and kidnapping their son, but all the evidence suggests Julia is guilty of the crime. Reporter Annika Bengtzon covers the case and is drawn in headfirst when she realizes that Julia is about to be falsely charged. Working against the clock, Annika is determined to clear Julia’s name and locate her missing son. (Source:

To be honest I can’t remember why I didn’t enjoy Red Wolf as much as Last Will and Lifetime. Now that I reread some excerpts, I believe my review of Red Wolf, was unfair and I strongly recommend the reading of all three.

Liza Marklund is an author, journalist, and goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Her crime novels, featuring the relentless reporter Annika Bengtzon, instantly became international hits and have sold millions of copies in thirty languages worldwide. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and Marbella, Spain, where she is at work on the next installment in the series. Visit her website at (Source: Simon & Schuster)

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