International Dagger Speculation (2015)

Among the books entered for this year’s CWA International Dagger here, so far I have read:

Marco Malvaldi – Three Card Monte (Italy, M) (tr. Howard Curtis, Europa Editions)

Pascal Garnier – The Islanders (France, M) (tr. Emily Boyce, Gallic Books)

I’ve on my To-Be-Read list:

Hans Olav Lahlum – The Human Flies (Norway, M) (tr. Kari Dickson, Mantle)

Leif GW Persson – Falling Freely As If in a Dream (apa Free Falling, as If in a Dream) (Sweden, M) (tr.  Paul Norlen, Doubleday)

Andreas Norman – Into a Raging Blaze (Sweden, M) (tr. Ian Giles, Quercus)

Anne Holt – The Lion’s Mouth (Norway, F) (tr. Anne Bruce, Atlantic)

And on my wish list:

Karim Miske – Arab Jazz (France, M) (tr. Sam Gordon, MacLehose Press)

Karin Fossum – The Murder of Harriet Krohn (Norway,F) (tr. James Anderson, Harvill Secker)

Deon Meyer – Cobra (South Africa, M) (tr. K L Seegers, Hodder)

Hakan Nesser – The G File (Sweden, M) (tr. Laurie Thompson, Mantle)

Arnaldur Indridason – Reykjavik Nights (Iceland, M) (tr. Victoria Cribb, Harvill Secker)

Kristina Ohlsson – Hostage (Sweden, F) (tr. Marlaine Delargy Simon & Schuster)

Jorn Lier Horst – The Caveman (Norway, M) (tr. Anne Bruce, Sandstone)

Pierre Lemaitre – Camille (France, M) (tr. Frank Wynne, Maclehose Press)

Jo Nesbo – Blood on Snow (Norway, M) (tr. Neil Smith, Harvill Secker)

Andrea Camilleri – Game of Mirrors (Italy, M) (tr. Stephen Sartarelli, Mantle)

OT: Young Saint John the Baptist, by Michelangelo

As of today until 28th June, 2015 you’ll be able to see at The Prado Museum The young Saint John the Baptist (ca. 1495-1496) by Michelangelo, which has been recently restored. For additional information click here and here to read the full story. From then onwards, the sculpture will returned to its original setting, the Holy Chapel of the Saviour in Úbeda, the land of my ancestors.

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