March Reads

For a number of reasons, my reading pace this year has slowed down a bit and March was not an exception. Anyway I managed to finish reading:

God Save the Mark (Rosetta Books, 2010) Kindle Format. First published in 1967 by Donald E. Westlake (A)

Cómo nace un personaje: La historia de un detective en La Habana (Tusquets Editores S.A., 2015) Kindle Format (Free booklet) by Leonardo Padura.

The Liza Marklund Reader’s Companion A Collection of Excerpts By Liza Marklund (Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2013) Kindle Format. (Free Ebook)

Gun Street Girl (Serpent’s Tail, 2015). Kindle Format, by Adrian McKinty (A+)

Endless Night (Harper, 2007). Paperback Format. First published in 1967 by Agatha Christie (C)

Among them, my favourite has been:

Gun Street Girl is the fourth in the Sean Duffy series by acclaimed crime writer Adrian McKinty. When Duffy grudgingly takes on a double murder case, he finds himself on the trail of a conspiracy which could cost him everything.

As is his custom, McKinty uses characters and real cases upon which he builds his work of fiction. The case here revolves around the murder of a wealthy couple under strange circumstances and the subsequent suicide of their son, the main suspect. But what seems to be an open-and-shut case, soon it will become something much more complicated. In any case the plot is not necessarily the most outstanding feature of the novel, although it is well structured and is interesting. In my view what makes this book an outstanding experience is the quality of the writing, the complexity of the characters and the authenticity of the context in which the story takes place. Moreover, it is a highly entertaining read and, occasionally, with a nice sense of humour. Highly recommended.

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