New to me authors January to March 2015

In the first quarter I read 6 books by new to me authors. I was particularly glad to have meet for the first time Ben Pastor, Margaret Millar and Margery Allingham, but I have to admit that Eva Dolan’s debut novel Long Way Home, was a great discovery. A brilliant novel, very well written that openly deals with the always difficult issue of immigration and on the extreme conditions in which immigrants have to survive.

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Long Way Home (Vintage Digital, 2014). Format: Kindle Edition by Eva Dolan (A+)

The Man Who Bought London (Delphi Classics, 2014). Format: Kindle Edition. First published in 1915 by Edgar Wallace (C)

A Dark Song of Blood (Bitter Lemon Press, 2014) Format: Kindle Edition, by Ben Pastor (A)

Beast in View (Orion Books, 2011) Format: Kindle edition. First published in the USA in 1955 by Margaret Millar (A)

The Beckoning Lady (Vintage 2007) Format: Paperback. First published in Great Britain in 1955 by Chatoo & Windus by Margery Allingham (A)

God Save the Mark (Rosetta Books, 2010) Kindle Format. First published in 1967 by Donald E. Westlake (A)

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