OT: Madrid Off the Beaten Path – San Pedro el Real

20150425_133211 The Church of San Pedro el Real (St Peter the Royal), also known as San Pedro el Viejo is a small medieval church in central Madrid, Spain. The initial structure was built in the 14th century, but extensive renovations were performed, and a new facade and portals added in the 17th and 19th centuries. It may have begun as Benedictine monastery, although the Bell-tower has Mudéjar qualities, and resembles a minaret; however, present tower seems to have been worked on in the 14th century when Madrid was firmly in Castilian hands. It was originally built by King Alfonso XI (13 August 1311 – 26/27 March 1350) to celebrate his victory in the Battle of Algeciras in 1344. The church contains the tombs of Kings Alfonso I of Asturias (c. 693 – 757) and Ramiro II of León (c. 900 – 1 January 951). San Pedro also contains the statue of Jesus known as Jesús el Pobre, or Jesus the Poor, sculpted by Juan Astorga in the late eighteenth century. The church is located at Calle Nuncio, 14, near the Plaza Mayor. (Source: Wikipedia)

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