May 2015 Round-Up and Pick of the Month

Crime fiction books read and reviewed

  • Falling Freely, As If In A Dream (aka Free Falling, As If in a Dream) (Transworld Digital, 2014) Format: Kindle. Translated from the Swedish by Paul Norlen. Originally published as Faller fritt som i en dröm in 2007 by Leif GW Persson (A)
  • Reykjavik Nights (Vintage Digital, 2014) Format: Kindle. Translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb. Originally published as Reykjavíkurnætur, 2012 by Arnaldur Indriðason (A)
  • The Asphalt Jungle (Rosetta Books, 2014) Format: Kindle. First published by New York Knopf in1949, by W. R. Burnett (A)
  • Into a Raging Blaze (Quercus, 2014) Format: Kindle edition. Translated from the Swedish by Ian Gile. Originally published as En Rasande Eld in 2013 by Andreas Norman (B)
  • And if I have to pick just one book my choice will be for


    The Asphalt Jungle, the first book in W. R. Burnett’s urban trilogy. A gripping tale of the planning and execution of a jewellery store heist in a dark and corrupt Midwestern metropolis. Set amid a seedy urban wasteland of crooks, killers and con-artists, the various members of the gang are steadily undone by personal obsessions, double-crossing and cruel fate. (Source: Goodreads).

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