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Thanks to Raven at Raven Crime Reads, I recently added to my Kindle Asylum City: A Novel by Liad Shoham (HarperCollins Publishers, 2014) translated from the original Hebrew by Sara Kitai.

9780062237552 Book Description: In bestselling author Liad Shoham’s edgy contemporary thriller, a troubled city is relieved when an obvious suspect confesses to a brutal murder—but why doesn’t the young police officer in charge of the case believe him?

Poised between the shores of Africa and the developed coastline of continental Europe, Tel Aviv is home to a large refugee population. Many immigrants walk its streets, desperately yearning for a new life. To assist them, Michal Poleg, an ardent young activist, volunteers with the city’s Office of Migrant Aid. But as badly as these immigrants would like to stay, there are more than a few locals who want them to leave. And when Michal is found dead in her apartment, her involvement with the controversial asylum seekers seems an obvious starting point in the search for answers.

Officer Anat Nachmias has never been asked to lead an investigation until she is assigned to Michal’s case. Determined not to let her superiors—or Michal—down, she resolves to leave no avenue unexplored. But the deeper Anat delves into Michal’s activism, the more she is convinced that the working theory is wrong, especially when she can’t believe a word of the young African man who soon confesses to the crime. What she does believe is that Michal, a petite, opinionated woman, got herself involved in something much bigger, and far more dangerous, than she could handle.

Joined by Michal’s clumsy but charming boss, Itai, Anat descends into a shadowy, amoral underworld where war victims and criminals, angels and demons, idealists and cynics, aid organizations and criminal syndicates intersect—and the ruthless prey on the weak. What she discovers will shock the city and set in motion events that will have dramatic, far-reaching consequences.

OT: Borsao Tinto Selección 2014

20150605_203653 The first written records about winemaking in this region date back to 1203 and were founded in the Monastery of Veruela. The monks had an essential role in the development of winegrowing and winemaking in the region. In the 19th century, private wineries in the foothills surrounding Veruela began to emerge and in the 1950´s economic difficulties pushed small producers to join their forces and six co-operatives emerge, which nowadays comprise most of the D.O. Their origins go back to 1958, the year the Cooperative of Borja was founded. This is where Borsao originated as a brand. Some years later, the co-operatives of Pozuelo and Tabuenca joined Borja, adding their resources and –most importantly- their vineyards. This happened in the year 2001, and the new company, Bodegas Borsao S.A., was established as a limited company.

  • Winery: Bodegas Borsao S. A. Ctra. Nacional 122, km. 63. 50540 Borja (Zaragoza- Spain). 
  • Phone: + 34 976 867 116 and +34 976 868 478
  • Winemaker: José Luis Chueca
  • Website: www.bodegasborsao.com
  • Brand: Brosao Tinto Selección 
  • DO: Campo de Borja
  • Type: Young Red Wine 2014
  • Alcohol: 14.5 %
  • Grape Variety: 85% Garnacha, 10% Tempranillo, 5% Syrah. Borsao Tinto Selección goes through a maceration for 3 or 4 days. The whole process of maceration continues for 10 or 12 days. Each variety is fermented separately in stainless steel tanks at a constant controlled temperature of around 22º-24º.
  • Vineyards: The grapes used for Borsao Tinto Selección come from young vines, between 15 and 25 years old.
  • Soil Type: The vineyards are found on clay-limestone, stony and loamy soils.
  • Bottle Size: 75.0 cl.
  • Price: 4.08 € at Bodega Santa Cecilia. 
  • My wine rating: 90/100 (A wine of very good to excellent quality) NEW!
  • The Borsao winery is world renowned and respected. One of its leading proponents is Robert Parker, a famous critic on the wine scene. The 2011 vintage of Borsao Tinto Selección was made, in the words of Robert Parker, to be “Possibly the single greatest dry red wine value in the world, this is an unbelievable wine”. Wine Advocate. Issue #203. In 2014 the Borsao winery was also considered by Parker as one of the most prized wineries of the year. (Source: Decántalo)

    OT: Palacio de Bornos Verdejo 2014

    • 20150605_142338 Winery: Bodega de Sarria (Palacio de Bornos) Taninia Bodegas & Viñedos. Ctra. Madrid, La Coruña km170.6 – 47490 Rueda (Valladolid – España)
    • Phone: + 34 983 868 116
    • Winemaker: Pilar García del Pino
    • Website: www.palaciodebornos.com
    • Brand: Palacio de Bornos
    • DO: Rueda
    • Type: Young White Wine 2014
    • Alcohol: 13 %
    • Grape Variety: 100% Verdejo
    • Vineyards: Palacio de Bornos has 220 hectares of its own vineyards in the towns of Rueda, Pollos and La Seca.
    • Soil Type: The soil is characterized by a calcareous clay subsoil composition and gravelly soil with high concentrations of pebbles, which allows good aeration and drainage, ideal characteristics for the good development of the vine.
    • Bottle Size: 75.0 cl.
    • Price: 4.85 € at Club Bornos on line. 
    • My wine rating: 87/100 (a wine of good quality) NEW!

    TANINIA is a shared concept that brings together five wine regions, Navarra, Ribera del Queiles, Rueda, Toro and Ribera del Duero, and five wineries, Señorío de Sarría, Guelbenzu, Palacio de Bornos, Toresanas and Vallebueno.

    Palacio de Bornos Verdejo is a white wine from Rueda, it is produced by the Palacio de Bornos winery, located in the municipality of La Seca, Valladolid. This is one of the most historic wineries in Rueda, with a wine production dating back to 1870. Palacio de Bornos is a varietal Verdejo, the most notorious variety in Rueda. Regarding the development of Palacio de Bornos Verdejo, the grapes undergo a manual selection. Subsequently a temperature-controlled fermentation takes place in stainless steel barrels. Palacio de Bornos Verdejo is a young, fresh white wine with unbeatable value. (Source: Decántalo)

    This is a 100% Verdejo that, usually, never disappoints and sold at a very attractive price. I used to buy this wine when, at times, I passed by the km. 170.6 of La Coruña highway.

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