OT: Pago de Valdoneje

The red wines from El Bierzo, made mainly with Mencía, an autochthonous grape variety, are one of the Spanish red wines that interest me most maybe because they are not very well known outside their production area. Among its wineries, thanks to María Jesús, my lovely sister-in-law, I’ve come across this family of wine growers and producers that is well worth discovering.

  • 20150627_145629 Winery: Vinos Valltuille S. L. Calle de la Fragua s/n. 24530 Valtuille de Abajo, León, España 
  • Phone: + 34 987 562 165
  • Winemaker: Marcos Garcia Advisor: Raúl Perez
  • Website: www.vinosvaltuille.com
  • Brand: Pago de Valdoneje Production: 70,000 bottles 
  • DO: Bierzo.
  • Type: Young Red Wine
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Alcohol: 13.5 %
  • Grape Variety: 100% Mencía.
  • Vineyards: Located in slopes between 600 and 700 meters for the most part south oriented. The grapes for this young wine come from 80 years old vines.
  • Soil Type: Clay soil, with sand and iron.
  • Bottle Size: 75.0 cl.
  • Price: It was a present but, if my information is correct, is available in Spain below € 6.00.
  • My wine rating: 90/100 (A wine of very good to excellent quality) NEW!

“Vinos Valtuille produces year in and year out one of the best un-oaked, fresh Mencías. A real champion in the local bars of El Bierzo, The 2013 Pago de Valdoneje is a young, juicy, fruit-driven, un-oaked Mencía from very old vines on clay and sandy soils with clean aromas of red fruits and licorice, perhaps a little lighter in this vintage but with exceptional freshness and balance. It is really pleasant and easy to drink. Great value and one of the best in its category”.  90 points Wine Advocate. (Source The Spanish Table)

Vinos Valtuille is a small family winery and Marcos García Alba one of the growers and winemakers of latest generation from El Bierzo, who took the challenge in early 2000, of making quality wine, making a big investment in facilities and technical resources. Meticulous self-taught person, he takes care of the vineyard as always has been done in Valtuille de Abajo, where he has its centenary vines. The 12 hectares planted by his grand father are enough for his aspirations. He makes wines only from his own grapes and he defends the idea of small winery as a means of product quality. Marcos is in charge of the vines and the winemaking but in the winemaking he is advised by his friend the famous winemaker Raúl Perez. They have been neighbours all their lives in Valtuille de Abajo where they have grown up together. His brand is Pago de Valdoneje and besides this red young wine he also produces a Pago de Valdoneje Roble (aged 4 months in French oak barrels) and PV Viñas Viejas (aged 11 moths in French oak barrels from vines over 100 years). He exports his wines to different countries all around the world. (Source: International Cellars and Vinos Valtuille website),

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  1. Now you have to find out a reason to celebrate with your lovely nephews…

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