OT: “O Son Do Ar" by Luar Na Lubre

Luar Na Lubre has become one of the most stable Galician folk groups in the last decade. Most of the group’s music are new arrangements of traditional Galician music found in old books and collected by doing field research. Luar Na Lubre adds its personal touch to Galician music by combining traditional instruments with instruments from other traditions and by composing original songs. The band uses fiddle, guitar, flutes, bouzouki, tambourines, bodhrán, pandeiro (Galician frame drum) harp, Galician pipes, accordion, and zanfona (hurdy gurdy). Luar Na Lubre accomplished several milestones in the past few years. With their albums, Plenilunio and Cabo Do Mundo they sold more than 80,000 copies of each. The band also collaborated with English artist Mike Oldfield, performing on one of his tours. Mike Oldfield recorded on his album Voyager the Luar Na Lubre song “0 Son Do Ar“, which he called “The Sound of the Sun”. This particular song is what has brought the group considerable international recognition. In 2005 singer Rosa Cedron left the group. She was replaced by Portuguese singer Sara Louraco Vidal. Vocalist Sara Vidal left the band in 2011. Paula Rey joined Luar Na Lubre as new vocalist. (Source: World Music Central.org)

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