To mark Agatha Christie’s 125th anniversary I have just ordered, The ABC Murders, first release January 1936.

5339202709f08273a4245d24fabe2e1f This story was a departure from Agatha Christie’s usual style, tackling the modern figure of the serial killer and the psychology behind it. Psychoanalytic theory was increasingly popular in the late 1930s and while the police officers cite contemporary theories, Poirot notably refrains from using that terminology. Christie also used this novel to continue her experiments with point of view, following the footsteps of her favourite author Charles Dickens, as she switches between first and third person narration. (Source: Agatha Christie Official Website).

Agatha Christie’s books reviewed at The Crime is Afoot (The Game is Afoot, obvioulsy, just wonder what I was thinking about?):

Sad Cypress

Endless Night

Peril at End House

Accident (a short story)

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

And Then There Were None

The Murder of Roger Akcroyd

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