La Granja Royal Palace Gardens in Autumn

Extending over 1,500 acres (6.1 square metres), the gardens around the palace are one of the best examples of 18th-century European garden design. The French designer from the official French royal offices of Robert de Cotte, René Carlier, used the natural slope from the mountains to the palace grounds both as an aid for visual perspective and as a source for sufficient head to make water shoot out of the twenty-six sculptural fountains that decorate the park. The original waterworks and piping are still functional. They rely purely on gravity to project water up to the forty-meter height of the fountain jet of Fame. An artificial lake, El Mar, “the Sea”, lies secluded at the highest point of the park, and provides a reservoir and water pressure for the whole system. Today, only a few fountains are active each day. Twice a year, on the feast days of San Fernando (Saint Ferdinand) and San Luis (Saint Louis), all twenty-six fountains are set to play, providing a memorable show. (Source: Wikipedia)

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