Film Notes: Truman (2015) directed by Cesc Gay

ESP – ARG / 108 minutes / color / Imposible Films and BD Cine / Dir: Cesc Gay Pro: Marta Esteban, Diego Dubcovsky Scr: Cesc Gay, Tomás Aragay Cine: Andreu Rebés Film Editor: Pablo Barbieri Carrera  Mus: Nico Cota, Toti Soler Cast: Ricardo Darín (Julián), Javier Cámara (Tomás), Dolores Fonzi (Paula) Oriol Pla Release Date (Canada TIFF) 12 September 2015 (Spain) 30 October 2015 Original title: Truman

truman_poster_engpeq Synopsis: Two childhood friends are reunited after years without seeing one another. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the two friends have made their lives on different continents, but when they meet again it feels like they’ve never been apart. Julian (Ricardo Darín) and Tomas (Javier Cámara) will spend a few unforgettable days together; laughing, reminiscing, crying… because their reunion is also their last goodbye. Truman is an elegy to friendship and love. A humorous and honest portrait of the courage it takes to accept that death is just another part of life. (Source: Filmax International)

Begoña and I went to see, earlier this week, the film Truman, directed by Cesc Gay. A film about which everyone speaks well in Madrid. The story revolves around a four-day visit that Tomás (Javier Camara) makes to his friend Julián (Ricardo Darin). Tomàs who lives somewhere in Canada, is married and has two children. He works and teaches something related to computer science. Julian lives in Madrid, is divorced and has a grown-up son who is studying in Amsterdam. Julián is an actor. They have not seen each other for years. At the suggestion of Paula (Dolores Fonzi), Juliàn’s first cousin, Tomás arrives unexpectedly to Madrid to visit Julián. Soon we know that Julian, seriously ill, is near the end of his life. During this time, Tomás will need to help Julian to putting his affairs in order, fix some issues, such as his funeral, and, most urgently, finding a new home for his faithful dog Truman. The story is a tragicomedy with a nice sense of humour, that aims to escape from clichés although this is not always the case in my view. But, anyway, it’s a song to life and to friendship which helps us spend a good time and it has two excellent performances from two superb actors and is worth seeing. As an added bonus, it shows us a brief tour of some typical corners of Madrid.

Toronto International Film Festival

Truman review at The Hollywood Reporter.

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5 thoughts on “Film Notes: Truman (2015) directed by Cesc Gay”

  1. I really enjoyed this film when I saw it last month at the London Film Festival. As you allude to in your notes, the film might be a little cliched in places, but I found it very poignant in the end. Lovely performances by the two lead actors.

    1. I’m glad you liked it Jackie. I was not sure if it might be understand well in other parts of the world, if its humour was not going to be overly local. Apparently not.

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