Reading Plan Through The End of Year

Everyone loves lists and, as we get closer to the year end, it is usual practice to highlight the best books that one has read during the year. But the year is not over yet and I’m sure there are many excellent books that have been published this year but for whatever reason have not fallen on my radar. The lists that follows are just a reminder of those books that I’m planning to read in the coming weeks, those books I’m looking forward to reading in the early months of the next year, and the books I’ve read this year which are worth highlighting in my view. If, at the same time, it can be of any help for your Christmas gifts, then all the better. I have limited myself to those books that have been published in 2015.

Over the coming weeks and until the end of the year I’m planning to read the following titles on my TBR files: 

  1. No Other Darkness, by Sarah Hilary
  2. The Caveman, by Jørn Lier Horst
  3. Little Black Lies, by Sharon Bolton
  4. The Defence, by Steve Cavanagh
  5. After the Crash, by Michel Bussi
  6. The Missing and the Dead, by Stuart MacBride


Other titles published in 2015 but so far on my wish list:

  1. Tell No Tales, by Eva Dolan 
  2. The Ghost Fields, by Elly Griffiths 
  3. The Shut Eye, by Belinda Bauer
  4. A Devil Under the Skin, by Anya Lipska
  5. Blood, Salt, Water, by Denise Mina 
  6. The Body Snatcher, by Patricia Melo
  7. Smoke and Mirrors, by Elly Griffiths 
  8. The Chosen, by Kristina Ohlsson 
  9. The Drowned Boy, by Karin Fossum
  10. Tin Sky, by Ben Pastor


  1. Those We Left Behind, by Stuart Neville
  2. Even the Dead, by Benjamin Black
  3. Oblivion, by Arnaldur Indridason 
  4. The Voices Beyond, by Johan Theorin 
  5. The Crossing, by Michael Connelly 
  6. Even Dogs in the Wild, by Ian Rankin 
  7. Icarus, by Deon Meyer 
  8. Game of Mirrors, by Andrea Camilleri
  9. Blade of Light, by Andrea Camilleri
  10. The Great Swindle, by Pierre Lemaitre


Last, but not least, some great books published in 2015 that I have read so far and deserve to be highlighted (in no particular order):

  1. Arab Jazz, by Karim Miské 
  2. Gun Street Girl, by Adrian McKinty
  3. Snowblind, by Ragnar Jonasson. My review will soon be ready.
  4. In Bitter Chill, by Sarah Ward 
  5. The Defenceless, by Kati Hiekkapelto 
  6. We Shall Inherit the Wind, by Gunnar Staalesen. My review will soon be ready 
  7. Camille, by Pierre Lemaitre
  8. Summerchill, by Quentin Bates

10 thoughts on “Reading Plan Through The End of Year”

  1. I’m impressed at your organisation in being able to choose the next six books you’ll be reading (in any order). I’m incapable of such long-term planning, and even after commiting a week in advance to review something on my blog I often find myself racing to finish it in time because something else intruded…it must be a lovely way to live!

  2. The Shut Eye, Smoke and Mirrors, Even Dogs in the Wild and The Voices Beyond were some of my top reads of the year. Hope you enjoy them (and the rest) just as much!

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