OT: Dehesa de la Villa Park (Madrid)

This morning I went for a walk through Dehesa de la Villa park with my hiking group.

Dehesa de la Villa is on the north-west side of Madrid, near Ciudad Universitaria. Its main feature is that it is still a woodland area, with landscaping and gardens in the sections close to the city and plantations of cedar trees. La Dehesa de la Villa is home to a wide variety of bird life, with more than 70 species spotted there, making it one of Madrid’s most valuable parks. Local people and park users see it as a slice of real woodland inside the city. During the reign of Queen Isabel II the park was replanted with pine trees, mainly stone pine and black pine, now the most common species in the park. There are also almonds, especially bitter almonds, and acacia trees, particularly near Calle Francos Rodríguez. Poplar, ash and elm trees grow in damper, low-lying areas. Cedar and Pissardii purple-leaved plum trees flourish in the garden areas. The shrubs growing here are mainly rockrose, broom, rosemary and blackberry. (Source: Madrid Official tourism website)

Parque Dehesa de la Villa. Plano PDF






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