Patricia Highsmith According to Alfred Hitchcock (2010) by Jorge Luis Peralta


I’ve come across on the Internet with the following document that I thought might be of interest to the readers of this blog.

PERALTA, Jorge Luis (2010): “Not so strangers. Patricia Highsmith according to Alfred Hitchcock” [online article], 452ºF.
Electronic journal of theory of literature and comparative literature, 3, 148-170, [Consulted on: dd/mm/aa], <
Luis-peralta.html >.
Ilustration || Silvia Gómez.
Translation || Sara Hernández Pozuelo
Article || Received on: 28/03/2010 | International Advisory Board’s suitability: 21/04/2010 | Published on: 07/2010
License || Creative Commons Attribution Published -Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

The Abstract reads as follows: ‘In this work I propose to analyze how the cinematographic transposition of Strangers on a train has changed the suffocating amoral world of Patricia Highsmith in a typical Hitchcockian frantic suspense story, blurring the darkest edges of the characters and situations of the original novel. The aim is not to determine whether the film is «more», «better» or «worse» than the text –an unproductive enterprise– but to reflect on the operations made by the director to seize the literary work and make of it a film that responds to his own vision of the world and of cinema.’

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