OT: Casa de Campo (Madrid)

This morning I went for a stroll to Casa de Campo with my hiking group. The Casa de Campo (Country House) is the largest urban park in Madrid. It was once a royal hunting estate, from where its name comes. Its area is more than 1,750 hectares (6.8 sq mi). It is located on the right bank of the Manzanares River and is a great place for sports like running, cycling, or for hiking.

MapaCasaCampo de munimadrid.pdf






January Reading Round-Up

Last month I read and reviewed at A Crime is Afoot:

Strangers on a Train (1950) by Patricia Highsmith (B)

Frequent Hearses (1950) by Edmund Crispin (C)

The Studio Crime (1929) by Ianthe Jerrold (B)

Prague Fatale (2011) by Philip Kerr (A+)

A Murder is Announced (1950) by Agatha Christie (A)

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