The Wire – Season 2

7110mBFX8JL._SY679_Begoña and I finished watching last night the twelve episodes of The Wire, Season two. The story picks up several months after the season one finale, and two new factions are thrown into the mix: the stevedores and international criminals.  Frank Sobotka (Chris Bauer giving a powerful performance) is the head of his union of dockworkers, and he knows their jobs are vanishing.  In order to raise the funds to lobby Baltimore congressmen so they’ll fund a new canal (meaning more jobs for the union), Frank gets in bed with European gangsters “The Greek” (Bill Raymond) and Spiros “Vondas” Vondopoulos (Paul Ben-Victor).  Frank agrees to help them smuggle in containers of contraband with no questions asked about what’s in the cans.  Meanwhile, Sobotka’s smart nephew Nick (Pablo Schreiber) and idiot son Ziggy (James Ransone) have independently worked a deal with Vondas to smuggle other contraband, specifically chemicals used for manufacturing narcotics, through the docks.  Ziggy does it because he’s stupid and thinks it will get him respect, and Nick does it because he wants to build a life for himself, and he can’t do it honestly because working hours on the docks always goes to seniority. Source: Matt Reviews THE WIRE – Season 2.

On to watch now Season three, stay tuned.

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