Impossible Mysteries Worth Exploring

I’ve recently come across the following list of impossible mysteries that I thought it was worth sharing:

Gaston Leroux’s The Mystery of the Yellow Room; Clayton Rawson’s Death From a Top Hat, The Headless Lady, The Footprints on the Ceiling, and No Coffin for the Corpse; Jonathan Latimer’s Headed for a Hearse, The Dead Don’t Care, and The Search for My Great Uncle’s Head; Edmund Crispin’s The Case of the Gilded Fly, Swan Song, and The Moving Toyshop; Anthony Boucher’s Nine Times Nine and Rocket to the Morgue; Herbert Brean’s Wilders Walk Away, The Traces of Brillhart, and Hardly a Man is Now Alive; and Ellery Queen’s The Door Between and The King is Dead. Source: Impossible Pleasures, Impossible Mysteries by Barry Ergang

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