Georges Simenon’s Romans Durs at Penguin Classics

This post was intended to be a private note, but I have thought it might be of interest as well for some (if any) readers of this blog. Penguin, Simenon’s British paperback publishers since 1952, have begun the admirable project of issuing, at the rate of one per month, new translations of all the Maigret novels, to be followed by some of the ‘romans durs’. To my knowledge Penguin has published so far:

The Mahé Circle, Georges Simenon (Author), Sian Reynolds (Translator) Penguin Classics, 5 Jun. 2014. Original title: Le cercle des Mahé, 1946

Mr Hire’s Engagement, Georges Simenon (Author), Anna Moschovakis (Translator) Penguin Classics, 6 Nov. 2014. Original title: Les fiançailles de Monsieur Hire, 1933

The Blue Room, Georges Simenon (Author), Linda Coverdale (Translator) Penguin Classics, 1 Jan. 2015. Original title: La chambre bleue, 1964

Source: Penguin Modern Classics

9 thoughts on “Georges Simenon’s Romans Durs at Penguin Classics”

  1. Never read those. I read Fred Vargas untranslated, but I must admit that I find Simenon more problematic to translate – I have never understood why. Looking forward to the more noirish side to him.

  2. Publishing all 75 of the Maigret novels (what about the 28 short stories?) is an ambitious project by itself. I had not known about Penguin’s intention to publish some/the ‘romans durs.’

  3. Curiously, I just finished La Chambre bleue and thought it was excellent. I then watched the movie and was disappointed by the number of inaccuracies, but it didn’t suffer from major plot changes the way so many movies based on books do.

  4. Well, you’ve listed an English translation and judging from your postings your English is very good.

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