The Best Hercule Poirot Novel

DSCN4962 Recently, over at In Search of the Classical Mystery Novel, Puzzle Doctor arranged a poll to find the best Poirot novel. [Round One, Round Two, Round Three, Round Four, The Final, The Second Best, The Results].  That, together with other reasons that will be notified in due course, have encouraged me to read them all, following its publishing order in the UK. I have not set myself any deadline to finish this project, and my reviews will be posted as I go along. Stay tune. The novels I’ve already reviewed on A Crime is Afoot, are shown in bold.

  1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920)
  2. The Murder on the Links (1923)
  3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)
  4. The Big Four (1927)
  5. The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928)
  6. Peril at End House (1932)
  7. Lord Edgware Dies (1933)
  8. Murder on the Orient Express (1934)
  9. Three Act Tragedy (1935)
  10. Death in the Clouds (1935)
  11. The A.B.C. Murders (1936)
  12. Murder in Mesopotamia (1936)
  13. Cards on the Table (1936)
  14. Dumb Witness (1937)
  15. Death on the Nile (1937)
  16. Appointment with Death (1938)
  17. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (1938)
  18. Sad Cypress (1940)
  19. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (1940)
  20. Evil Under the Sun (1941)
  21. Five Little Pigs (1942)
  22. The Hollow (1946)
  23. Taken at the Flood (1948)
  24. Mrs McGinty’s Dead (1952)
  25. After the Funeral (1953)
  26. Hickory Dickory Dock (1955)
  27. Dead Man’s Folly (1956)
  28. Cat Among the Pigeons (1959)
  29. The Clocks (1963)
  30. Third Girl (1966)
  31. Hallowe’en Party (1969)
  32. Elephants Can Remember (1972)
  33. Curtain (1975) Poirot’s last case, written in the 1940s.

6 thoughts on “The Best Hercule Poirot Novel”

  1. I’m envious, Jose, that you still have so many wonderful experiences ahead of you! Believe me, the best of Poirot for you is yet to come!

    1. Thank you Brad. The fact that I haven’t reviewed most of them in my blog doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve not read them most. Although it was so long time ago that some are going to seem me pretty new .

  2. Es una lástima que aún no hayas leído esas novelas pero nunca es tarde y aunque la razón no sea otra que la de etiquetar, una vez más, buscando aquello que algunos denominarán mejor y cuya opinión valdrá lo mismo que la de los que opinen lo contrario, es bien venida. Espero que disfrutes de tu lectura y se condescendiente: recuerda su antigüedad 😉

    1. Gracias por tu comentario y por tu visita, Interrobang.
      Sólo un par de puntualizaciones. Aunque no he leído todas las novelas de Agatha Christie, las señaladas en negrita son sólo las que he leído o reseñado en el tiempo que llevo escribiendo este blog. 🙂
      Por otra parte no creo que nadie se tome muy en serio las etiquetas de los 10 mejores, son sólo opiniones personales que incluso varían con el tiempo :-).
      Gracias también por tus buenos deseos, seguro que los disfruto. 🙂
      Un saludo José Ignacio.

  3. You’ve got some great reading ahead of you (I was one of those that voted for ABC as being the best) – I think STYLES is remarkably good as a debut though and always seems like the best place to start!

    1. I’m planning to review ABC, once again and will try to see what I’m missing. Styles is my current reading and I’m beginning to realise that I might have had some preconceived ideas about this book. Certainly it’s much better of what I remembered. Golden Age Detective Fiction in its pure form.

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