Film Notes: Detour (1945) directed by Edgar G. Ulmer

A Crime is Afoot

Esta entrada es bilingüe, para ver la versión en castellano desplazarse hacia abajo

USA / 68 minutes / bw / Producers Releasing Corporation, PRC /Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer Pro: Leon Fromkess and Martin Mooney (associate) Scr: Martin Goldsmith Story: based on the 1939 novel Detour: An Extraordinary Tale by Martin Goldsmith Cine: Benjamin H. Kline Mus: Erdody Cast: Tom Neal (Al Roberts), Ann Savage (Vera), Claudia Drake (Sue), Edmund MacDonald (Charles Haskell), Tim Ryan (Diner Proprietor), Esther Howard (Waitress) Release Date: 30 November 1945 (USA)

Summary Plot: Al Roberts becomes extremely upset when a customer in the diner where he is having a cup of coffee plays a song that reminds him of his past: In New York, Al, a piano player in a nightclub, is in love with singer Sue Harvey. Al wants to marry Sue, but although she loves him, Sue declares that she intends to seek…

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