Film Notes: Fallen Angel (1945) directed by Otto Preminger

US / 98 min / b&w / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Dir: Otto Preminger Pro: Otto Preminger Scr: Harry Kleiner, from the novel by Marty Holland Cine: Joseph LaShelle Mus: David Raksin Cast: Alice Faye (June Mills), Dana Andrews (Eric Stanton), Linda Darnell (Stella), Charles Bickford (Mark Judd), Anne Revere (Clara Mills), John Carradine (Professor Madley), Percy Kilbride (Pop) Plot Summary: Eric Stanton (Dana Andrews), thrown off a bus for not having the fare, begins to frequent a diner called “Pop’s”, whose main attraction is a beautiful waitress by the name of Stella (Linda Darnell). When Stella seems not interested in Eric, he decides if he had money she would pay attention to his advances. He marries June Mills (Alice Faye) for her money, and Stella is mysteriously murdered. Even though June Learns of Eric’s dishonest plans, she still loves him. It is with her support that he investigates the killing on his own. Release Date: 5 December 1945 (USA), 3 March 1947 (Spain) Spanish title: ¿Ángel o diablo? IMDb Rating: 7.2

I offer this entry to participate at Crimes of the Century over at Past Offences. The year under consideration this month is #1945.

The film has practically the same crew as Laura, shot the previous year, although it is not as satisfying. However I agree with Film Noir of the Week when stressing that “The film’s shadowy world is just right. As with all Preminger films, the women look fantastic. Notice Stella’s long legs when she first comes back to Pop’s. From what I’ve read online, most don’t buy the prim and proper Alice Faye or the crazy twists at the end of the film. I, however, enjoy it greatly maybe because of the constant broken desperation Stanton is in. I also enjoy the contrast between the night-time Stella and the sunny day June; and the seedy side of town compared with June’s suburban neighborhood.”

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The Petrona Award 2016 Shortlist

TPAlogo The shortlist for the Petrona Award 2016 has been revealed.

Click here for complete details.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

I’ve only read so far The Defenceless by Kati Hiekkapelto (Orenda Books, 2015) Translated by David Hackston (click the book title to access my review).

Might not be able to read them all, before the announcement of the winner at the Gala Dinner on 21 May (during the annual international crime fiction event CrimeFest, held in Bristol 19-22 May 2016), but I plan to read soon The Caveman by Jorn Lier Horst tr. Anne Bruce (Sandstone Press, 2015) already on my TBR pile.

What other titles do you fancy?

My preferences, in no particular order, are: The Drowned Boy by Karin Fossum tr. Kari Dickson, Dark As My Heart by Antti Tuomainen tr. Lola Rogers, and Satellite People by Hans Olav Lahlum tr. Kari Dickson.

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