Film notes: Identity Unknown (1945) directed by Walter Colmes

US / 71 min / b&w / Republic Pictures Corp Dir: Walter Colmes Pro: Walter Colmes (associate producer) and Howard Bretherton (associate producer)  Scr: Richard Weill (writer) and Robert Newman (original story) Cine: Ernest Miller Cast: Richard Arlen (Johnny March), Cheryl Walker (Sally MacGregor), Roger Pryor (Rocks Donnelly), Bobby Driscoll (Toddy Loring), Lola Lane (Wanda), Ian Keith (Major Williams), John Forrest (Joe Granowski), Sarah Padden (Mrs. Anderson), Forrest Taylor (Mr. Anderson), Frank Marlowe (Frankie), Harry Tyler (Harry Parker), Nelson Leigh (Colonel F. A. Marlin), Charles Williams (Auctioneer), Charles Jordan (Needles, Rocks’ Henchman), Dick Scott (Spike, Rocks’ Henchman), Marjorie Manners (Nurse) and Eddie Baker (Motorcycle Cop) Plot Summary: A soldier (Richard Arlen) who survived a bombing in which three others, who were burned beyond recognition but who possessed similar physical descriptions, perished. Hospitalized, and suffering from amnesia as a result, he adopts the name of “Johnny March” and sets out to visit the locales where service records indicated the four victims lived in hopes of establishing his identity. Release Date: 2 April 1945 (USA) IMDb Rating: 6.1

With my most sincere thanks to John Grant/Paul Barnett for his suggestion, see the review of Identity Unknown at Noirish, I had the opportunity to watch this film recently. As far as I know, the film is in the public domain. And I believe it’s worth seeing, given the meaning that could have had at that time.

Identity Unknown at American Film Institute

Identity Unknown at IMDb

Identity Unknown at Wikipedia

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