Thanks to my friend Marietta, I happen to know of this exhibition:  

For the first time in Germany the Kunsthalle in Munich is presenting a comprehensive retrospective by the Spanish artist, Joaquín Sorolla (1863–1923). A native of Valencia, the artist had the unparalleled ability to capture the southern light in paint; his sun-drenched works even impressed contemporaries like Claude Monet.

The exhibition includes 120 works from the artist’s entire career, from his early paintings in Paris, in which the influence of the French Impressionists is clearly evident, right through to the distinctive pictures that reflect the maturing of his art into his own unmistakable style that was celebrated throughout Europe and the USA. In addition to Spanish landscapes and beach scenes, perspective portraits are recurring themes in his work. Moreover, the exhibition focuses in particular on the large-format paintings that attracted such attention in the Paris Salon.

Joaquín Sorolla is considered the most important Spanish artist of the turn of the century. Surprisingly, his work is virtually unknown in Germany today. Therefore, it is high time to rediscover this “master of light.” (Source: Kunsthalle – München)

IMG-20160504-WA0002Read more about Sorolla Museum, one of my favourite spots in Madrid, here, 

Meanwhile, until June 5th, you will see the temporary exhibition ‘Sorolla. Tierra adentro’ (Inland), which includes 35 works of the famous ‘painter of light’, that belongs to the collection of the museum. This is a selection of landscapes, painting that in the late nineteenth century went from being a minor genre to a required practice, from different regions of Spain. The exhibition, curated by Carmen Pena, is divided into four areas that reflect the artist’s travels: ‘Mitología regionalista y naturaleza. La Valencia de Sorolla’ (Regionalist mythology and nature. The Valencia of Sorolla), ‘Sorolla en verde y gris’ (Sorolla green and gray), ‘La invención de Castilla como emblema nacional’ (The Invention of Castilla as a national emblem), and ‘La España blanca de Joaquín Sorolla, una versión moderna de la invención romántica’ (The White Spain of Joaquin Sorolla, a modern version of romantic invention). Read more here (in Spanish)

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