Madrid Book Fair 2016

Cartel FLM16 From 27 May 2016 to 12 Jun 2016 will take place the 75th Edition of Madrid Book Fair.

Since it was first held in 1933 on the Paseo de Recoletos, the Book Fair has not stopped growing and contributing to the cultural mosaic of the city. 

The increase in the number of requests to participate from booksellers, publishers and distributors made it necessary to look for a new venue, which is why the Fair moved to the Retiro Park in 1967. Time has proven that this venue was the right choice and is now closely associated with the annual book and reading event.

The latest edition will have 367 stands and 479 exhibitors, including: 26 official bodies, 10 distributors, 63 specialised booksellers, 56 general booksellers, 177 publishers from Madrid and 147 publishers from outside Madrid.

The poster for this 75th edition of the Madrid Book Fair is the work of the artist, Emilio Gil. It is a “collage” in which he has sought to assemble parts in which, like in writing, new parts emerge from others, and refer to children’s initiation in reading and the work in the printing works from which the book is released, “proud of its materiality”.  Graphic designer and design theorist, Emilio Gil has been awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts.

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