Rocco Schiavone Mysteries

Close to the publication in English of Antonio Manzini’s second book in his Rocco Schiavone mystery series, I would like to call your attention to an author that, has seemed to me, has gone unnoticed to English readers and reviewers. Now, what is not quite clear to me is whether A Cold Death is the same book as Adam’s Rib (Harper 2016)?

Antonio Manzini is an actor, screenwriter, director, and the author of two murder mysteries featuring Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone, Black Run is the first of these novels to be translated into English. He lives in Italy. (Source: Fourth State)

632427725 Having got on the wrong side of some powerful people, Rocco Schiavone, deputy prefect of police, is exiled to Aosta, a small alpine town. The sophisticated, crotchety Roman is not best pleased – he despises mountains, snow, and the provincial locals as much as he disdains his superiors and their petty rules. What he loves is solving crimes…

And when a mangled body is discovered on a piste, Rocco faces his first challenge —identifying the victim, a procedure complicated by his ignorance of the customs, dialect, and history of his new home. Undaunted, Rocco explores the ski runs, mountain huts, and aerial tramways, meeting ski instructors, Alpine guides and the hardworking, enigmatic inhabitants of Aosta, amongst them a few beauties eager to give him a particularly warm welcome.

An insightful observer of human nature, Antonio Manzini writes with shrewd humour and a dash of irony, and introduces an irresistible hero — a fascinating blend of swagger, machismo, and vulnerability— in a colorful and atmospheric crime mystery series that is European crime fiction at its best.

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844669373 In an elegant apartment in a chilly Alpine town a cleaning lady makes a gruesome discovery: the body of her employer hanging from a chandelier in a dark room in an apparent suicide.

Working the case is Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone, banished from his beloved Rome to snowy, small-town Aosta. An incurable cynic, perpetually at war with the world – and the weather – Rocco is unconvinced that Esther killed herself.

Armed with his intuition and his inimitable brand of morality, he begins to hunt for a killer. But as he digs deeper into Esther’s life Rocco is increasingly troubled by personal matters: his dissatisfied girlfriend Nora; the very vocal memory of his deceased wife, Marina; and a score that still needs settling back in Rome.

Small towns can hide big secrets, but Rocco will do whatever it takes to bring them into the light.

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5 thoughts on “Rocco Schiavone Mysteries

  1. It looks like Adam’s Rib is indeed A Cold Death. From Forthcoming 2 Aug. 2016 978 0062354679
    From the bestselling author of Black Run comes Antonio Manzini’s mesmerizing second mystery novel featuring detective Rocco Schiavone.

    Six months after being exiled from his beloved Rome, Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone has settled into a routine in the cold, quiet, chronically backward alpine town of Aosta: an espresso at home, breakfast in the piazza, and a morning joint in his office.

    A little self-medication helps Rocco deal with the morons that almost exclusively comprise the local force. Especially on a day like today. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday (if you could call her that; in his mind, Rocco’s only faithful to his late wife), he has no gift—and he’s about to stumble upon a corpse.

    It begins when a maid reports a burglary in Aosta. But there’s no sign of forced entry, and after Rocco picks the lock, he notices something off about the carefully ransacked rooms. That’s when he finds the body: a woman, the maid’s employer, left hanging after a grisly suicide. Or is it? Rocco’s intuition tells him the scene has been staged. In other words, it’s murder—a pain in the ass of the highest order.

    In this stylish international mystery, Antonio Manzini further establishes Rocco Schiavone as one of the most acerbic, complicated, and entertaining antiheroes crime fiction has seen in years.

    1. You’re welcome Sergio. As far as I understand the complete series so far is as follows: Pista negra (Pista nera, 2013); La costilla de Adán (La costola di Adamo, 2014): Una primavera de perros (Non è stagione, 2015), and Era di maggio, 2015. Have received some good reviews is Spain. I’ll be interested to hear your views if you decide to tackle this one.

      1. Cheers mate, really want to get stuck into an Italian series – actually, I’ll see if I can buy it online but I’ll start with PISTA NERA then 🙂

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