The Difference Between Clarete and Rosé Wines

Although this difference is not widely accepted, both are mainly known as rosé wines, there’re some clear differences between them.

– The claretes can only be young wines, while the rosés allow different types (young, crianza, reserva or gran reserva).
– The claretes are partially fermented in contact with the grape skin, whereas this is not the case with the rosés.
– The claretes are always made with a mixture of white (Viura) and red (Garnacha) grapes, whereas the rosés can be made only with red grapes or with a mixture of red and white grapes (but the whites always to a lesser extent).
– The initial development of the claretes, resembles more to red wines; while the rosés are more similar to white wines.

The area of Cordovín in La Rioja, is particularly well-known for its claretes.

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